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Barbie Style Quiz


We all adore Barbie and we love her style, but have you ever wondered if you were a Barbie doll which kind would you be? Now you can find out by answering ten exciting questions! You will have to pick out your favorite pair of shoes between flats, wedges and boots, and give us details about your hair length, if you like more to take photos, listen to music or read, if would you rather go on a date in a club, at a picnic or to a fancy dinner, your favorite drink between a fresh juice, a cup of hot tea or delicious coconut milk, if you like more earrings, necklaces or bracelets, all about your favorite color and favorite flower, if you love more to wear handbags, head bands or scarves and if would love more to go on vacation in the mountains, at the seaside or in a city break. So what is your Barbie style? Find out now!

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