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Barbie Disney Princess


Barbie loves being herself, but she can’t deny that dressing up as a Disney princess is loads of fun! In this game Barbie has the option of trying on any Disney princess dress she wants, along with the signature hairstyles and make-up as well. You can help Barbie out by choosing Disney princess inspired looks that will make her feel like a princess herself. Have fun mixing and matching classic looks, like pairing Belle’s traditional golden yellow ball gown with Ariel’s flowing bright red hair. You know you’ve always wanted to mix up the traditional Disney style – or is that just me? You know, I’m a little worried that the original Disney princesses will come looking for their gowns. Especially Elsa from Frozen – I hear that you don’t want to make her angry! Either way, let’s have a quick game of dress-up so Barbie can return these gowns and accessories to their rightful owners.

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