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Barbie and Ken Become Parents


About a year has passed since Barbie and Ken got married and now they are preparing for another great event of their life: very soon they are going to become parents! Barbie is pregnant with a baby girl. She is very excited, but sometimes she feels a bit anxious about how she and Ken are going to cope with parenthood. Their life will change completely and Barbie is not sure if she is positively ready for the changes coming. But Barbie is lucky to have a husband like Ken, who is always there to cheer her up and to tell her what a wonderful mommy she is going to be! Today Ken found our future mom feeling blue again and he decided that a romantic date is exactly what Barbie needs to keep her chin up. Where would you recommend him to take her? Would it be a sunny beach, a peaceful park or maybe a nightclub? Help Ken to decide on the location and then dress him up and pick the cutest maternity outfit for pregnant Barbie!

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