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Baby Barbie Sisters Surprise


Hey Girls! The pretty sisters are ready to celebrate Mother’s Day and they want to surprise their mom. They will make cookies and a card with lots of colors and glitter. In Baby Barbie Sisters Surprise game you can help these pretty girls and make a gorgeous card. Are you ready? Start with the cookies and choose the letters. Try the word love and place the cookie letters in the box. Choose a nice color and pattern for the gift box such as a floral print or a pretty pink color. In Baby Barbie Sisters Surprise you can now make the card using supplies such as cardboard with color, scissors, glue and glitter. Mark the shape of the card and then cut it with the sharp scissors. Add glitter on the card and use the glue to add a few stickers and letter, which the mom will surely adore. In Baby Barbie Sisters Surprise you can choose a blue and red combination of colors for the pretty card.

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