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Baby Barbie Playtime Accident


Like all children, baby Barbie loves spending time at the playground. She goes on the slide and swing, jumps on the trampoline, rides the rocking horse and plays in the sandbox. She is a cute little girl and she makes lots of new friends each time. Her parents keep a keen eye on her lest anything bad should happen. Baby Barbie just suffered a playtime accident falling off the swing and now she needs your medical attention to recover. As the hospital doctor, you must examine and treat your pretty patient. Use your amazing doctor skills to check her body for any broken bones with an x ray exam. Clean her playtime accident wounds with sterilizer lotion to prevent any infection. Barbie has bruises and scratches on her face, arms, hands and legs. Continue the medical care applying an antiseptic cream on the injured areas to help the healing process. Bandage the wounds and make sure your patient is in good health before sending her home. The adorable baby girl needs a few bed rest days to get well completely from the ugly accident, so let’s cheer her up drawing a colorful Get Well Soon card for her. She looks forward to her next playground playtime, so how about dressing her up in girly and super fashionable outfits? Have a fabulous time playing our newest baby game!

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