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Baby Barbie my Fairy Pet


Baby Barbie loves pets. She enjoys taking care of them a lot, because they are cheerful and friendly. You can always trust a pet to be by your side and they are very easy to take care of. In the very fun game called Baby Barbie My Fairy Pet you can take care of three great pets, named Ginger, Pepe and Chicko. They are truly cute and they have colorful feather or fur. Select one of the three pets and start taking care of it. You will need to wash the pet in the bathroom, so place it in the bath tub and water it with warm water. Use a special soap for animal to wash the pet really well. Rinse the lather that has created, and then, in Baby Barbie My Fairy Pet, you will need to dry the pet. Use a soft towel and a hair drier to dry it completely and then comb the fur with a thick brush. To make the pet even more beautiful, you can accessorize it with nice bows and cute collars with pretty sparkly pendants. Teach the pets to play with toys and learn new tricks in a fun way.

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