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Baby Barbie Fairy Costumes


Baby Barbie must find the perfect outfit for her school masquerade party. She could pick one of her gorgeous ballerina costumes, but she’d rather wear them exclusively at the ballet dance classes. A fairytale princess attire sounds like the best dress up idea for the baby girl. What do you think, girls? You have many dress up alternatives to choose from if you rummage in baby Barbie’s closet. She already wore her Disney princess and villains costumes. Although the cute girl looks fabulous dressed up as Cinderella, Snow White, Aurora, Belle or Maleficent, she doesn’t want to wear the same outfit twice. It would be a fashion disaster for a true wannabe fashionista like her. Dressing up as a magic fairy princess is something new for baby Barbie and a fantastic masquerade ball suggestion. Tinkerbell is her favorite Disney fairy character, so we can start the dress fitting from here. Design the prettiest Tinkerbell costume matching a lovely green princess dress with green flats and hair band, adding transparent wings and magic wand. There are lots of other stunning fairy costumes to pick from. That glam yellow dress is exquisite and so is the red flower petals gown. Add the proper make up and accessories to each attire you create. Have a blast playing our newest baby Barbie game!

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