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Baby Barbie DIY My Little Pony Globe


Great DIY projects are my favorite. For this kind of creative tasks you can use all your skills and ideas to create something unique and fun. In our new and exciting game called DIY My Little Pony Globe you can learn how to make a wonderful globe with sparkles and your favorite pony, together with the beautiful baby Barbie. Are you ready for this fun and creative project? The first step is to choose the pony. You can select between Rainbow Dash, Twilight Sparkle and many others. Pick your favorite pony and then it’s time for the globe selection. In DIY My Little Pony Globe you can choose a great rounded one or a more elongated one. Apply glue to stick the pony inside the globe and then add water in the glove and sparkly glitter particles with a nice red color. For the globe you can choose different colors such as blue, purple or green. The great toy is now done and you can enjoy playing with it and with baby Barbie. Have fun in the DIY My Little Pony Globe game!

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