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Baby Barbie DIY Gift


Baby Barbie is going to a birthday party this weekend. She has great craft skills so she is making a DIY gift for her friend’s birthday instead of buying the present. There are lots of fab ideas passing through her mind like a handmade beads necklace, doll house, Frozen t-shirt or stuffed toy. What would baby Barbie like to get for her birthday? The cute girl fancies a painted mug and a friendship bracelet. They are the perfect DIY gift for her best friend’s birthday, so the decision is made. Help the baby girl prep her special and unique present starting with the DIY painted mug. For this fun craft session you need a simple white mug. Clean it well with a piece of cloth and apply glue on one side. Choose an alphabet letter and stick it to the glued area. Sprinkle color over it selecting three different shades. Remove the letter sticker and place the lovely decorated mug in the microwave oven for a few seconds for the paint to dry. Are you having a fantastic time with baby Barbie or what? The friendship bracelet is next. Pick two colored threads and knit them following the DIY knitting steps. Don’t stop to just one colorfully knitted bracelet when you can knit more! Wrap up the adorable objects nicely and the awesome gift is ready to be offered. Have a blast playing our new baby Barbie game!

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