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Baby Barbie Chickenpox Attack


Description game Baby Barbie Chickenpox Attack

Baby Barbie won’t be able to see her friends and school mates for an entire week or more. The little girl is confined to bed rest at home according to the doctor’s recommendations. Her health condition changed overnight, waking up in the morning with fever and lots of red spots on face and body. A medical treatment must be followed to get well soon. Help baby Barbie recover from the chickenpox attack caring for her and fulfilling all her needs. Use your nurse skills to take the body temperature first. The thermometer indicates the baby girl has fever. Administer the proper medical treatment to reduce fever and cure the disease. Give baby Barbie pills and syrup. Apply healing cream on the ugly red chickenpox spots invading her previously flawless skin complexion. A warm soup will also bring the pretty princess back on her feet. She is not allowed to have any visitors during this period, so you are the only one she can rely on. Make the chickenpox attack more bearable for cute Barbie doing her manicure, playing with dolls, having a tea party or watching Frozen on TV. Have a wonderful time playing our new baby Barbie game!

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