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Baby Rapunzel Rotten Teeth


Baby Rapunzel has a tooth ache that you should fix. First you should take an X-ray to see which tooth is rotten. Then you should inject an anesthetic into her gum so she won’t feel any pain during the procedure. This will cause her to drool, so use a suction pump to let her mouth dry. Use a polish to remove the tartar out of her teeth and then an ultraviolet tool to make her teeth white. Use a pair of pliers to remove her rotten teeth and you should wipe the blood with a cotton ball. Now you can put back in some new healthy teeth. Rapunzel should wear some braces if she wants a perfect smile, but luckily you can find some cute ones for her. Because she was such a good girl, you can reward her with a coloring game! Choose the image you like the best and use crayons to color it. Finally you can dress Baby Rapunzel in a cute outfit.